Available Services

Home Internet

Get super fast Internet speeds on the most reliable technology and equipment.

You can start streaming videos from YouTube and Hulu, join a photo group on Flickr, and do your online banking all at one. 

Business Internet

Wireless networks were almost a curse word in the mid to late 90's and early 2000's, but with recent advances in data transmission technology, our fixed wireless Internet service can stand up to the best fiber-optic networks with less than half of the carbon footprint and at competitive price.

Web Design and Hosting

If you need to get your website online, we can help! We offer email hosting, web hosting and web design at the best price around.

We can help you establish a web presence or revamp your existing site. We offer assistance from start to finish no matter what your technical or design level.

Home Phone

For those of us still living the old-fashioned way, a phone line in your home is an indispensable tool to keep you connected to your friends and family, world-wide.


New technologies now allow us to run voice networks at a fraction of the energy cost of traditional phone lines, and we pass the savings on to you!

Business Phone

We are proud to offer affordable business phone service to Billings and the surrounding area. Our phone service offers the latest features, enhancing business communications while keeping costs under control.  Experience an integrated communications solution with simple billing and concise, predictable pricing that allows you to add features and equipment as your business grows.

Electronics Recyling

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Have an old phone or broken computer? Pretty much anything with a circuit board in it contains small amounts of lead and other heavy metals that are detrimental to the environment. Bring your old electronics to our affiliate warehouse, and we'll make sure that your old gadgets are disposed of properly.  Pick ups at your location available for a small fee.

Our Promise

We guarantee high-quality communications with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We are committed to maintaining the ecosystem that has allowed us to develop the amazing technology we now enjoy. Through recylcing programs, investments in clean energy, and community outreach, we will build a sustainable communications industry for the future.

200% Wind Power

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Free Cloud Storage

Gain 25 GB of cloud storage for free when you get high speed Internet.