About our Company

Founded in 2015 by university professor and entrepreneur Brian Kelly, Yisp.co is a fast-growing competetor in the communications industry, offering high-quality service in our devices and customer support, while maintaining a strong commitment to reduce the ecological impact of our business.

We run all of our hosted services on solar power and have invested in wind energy credits worth slightly more than double the effective power drain of every piece of infrustructure that our network runs through. Coupled with electronic scrap recycling programs through our partners, coordinated efforts with local governments to clean up parks and wild areas, and some of the most energy efficient communications devices available on the market today, Yisp.co is the only communications provider with a pollutant index below zero.

See for yourself what it's like to stream Internet shows, knowing that every minute is a minute that our world gets healthier, wealthier, and more vibrant.

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Our Founder

Brian Kelly - President

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Brian Kelly has created a telecom company from the ground up.  Ten years in the making, Yisp.co is now Billings' premier Internet, Phone and Hosted Services company.  He has personally spearheaded some of our most ambitious efforts and seen them through to a fantastic success, every time.

Our Promise

We guarantee high-quality communications with the lowest carbon footprint possible. We are committed to maintaining the ecosystem that has allowed us to develop the amazing technology we now enjoy. Through recylcing programs, investments in clean energy, and community outreach, we will build a sustainable communications industry for the future.

200% Wind Power

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Free Cloud Storage

Gain 25 GB of cloud storage for free when you get high speed Internet.